Supervision and Mentoring

I run both 1:1 supervision and mentoring sessions as well as groups, both are valuable in their own way, group sessions offer the chance to learn from others experience and contribute relevant knowledge and skills to help others in your group. 1:1 sessions can be helpful if there are issues that you need to work through, or you don't feel that a group session is right for you. All sessions are held in a respectful, safe, nurturing and confidential environment.

Supervision provides a safe space and dedicated time in which you can reflect on your relationships with clients and colleagues, discuss your work and consider your needs as a practitioner. It is an opportunity to evaluate what is working well for you as a practitioner and what you might want to change.

The following are a examples of issues that are brought to supervision sessions.

~ Money issues - income, treatment pricing, cash flow etc
~ Time management
~ Communication skills
~ Burn out
~ Ethical dilemmas
~ Contracts and boundary issues
~ Professional and personal issues
~ Building up a practice
~ Relationships with other practitioners and professionals
~ Patients management

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